Today, I got lost on Green Mountain, WA... For the second time.

I know, I know. Once is bad enough; or... is it not good enough?  😱😎😁

A couple years ago I hiked Green mountain with some friends and we got lost super hardcore. It was to the point where we lost one of our guys and couldn't find him for 45 minutes! We eventually met back up, but talk about scary. 

This time, I went with one of my best friends and his dog. I told myself we would not get lost, but spoilers - we did! 

I should have known we had an adventure ahead of us when we got to the trail head - or, what was supposed to be the trail head - and it said "Gold Creek." Way to go, Maps... way to go.

About 40 minutes in, we noticed we consistently had the mountain on our right and started looking for a trail that cut towards it. We found one eventually, and started climbing. 

After climbing through that trail and crossing a creek we came upon a mysterious tunnel entrance. 

It was dark as night Just 10 feet inside, and my flashlight found no back wall. We will be going back to explore the tunnel another day without Max, since the water was too deep for him to keep up with us. 

We continued onward past the tunnel and found a little bit more of an incline. Across the way we could see a pretty legit view of a couple mountain peaks.

It was about here that we decided we may want to turn around if we didn't start to see the trail looping back around the way we came. We got up a bit higher and climbed a small rockslide face and took a refuel break, checking out an even BETTER view of some more of the Olympics! SO awesome!

Tricky to get up there! ...not really, I just decided to take the "I have the dumb" route, and didn't see the less steep path until the way down :( Corey ended up having to hold my camera while I scrambled up. *sigh*

Corey checking out the mountains. So clear!

Corey checking out the mountains. So clear!

Corey and Max! Next official Facebook picture, I am sure. *coolface*

Corey and Max! Next official Facebook picture, I am sure. *coolface*

The most hilarious thing happened when we headed down the mountain - we decided to keep going forward instead of turning around and going the way we came. We found a trail with a pretty good decline degree, and ended up getting down the mountain in about 25 minutes or so. Just for reference, it took us about 2 hours to get to where we were looking at the mountains from on top of the rocks. So. Much. Funny. 

Definitely a great time! Got some sweet photos from it and also a good way to start the year for hiking. It was a great first hike of the year (SUPER easy, easier than what we intended to do for sure!) and got some sweet photos along the way.

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